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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Vei's Birthday Celebration

This morning I fetch my grandma and bro to the market… As usual, I do not like to step into the market and I just stayed inside the car and wait… After they finished bought the necessary stuffs, we went home. But there were 2 stupid cars (with drivers inside) blocked my way… Therefore, I can’t reverse my car out from the parting lot… I press the honk for several times, but that 2 cars still refused to drive away. Stupid dump dump… So selfish! Made me bengang only!

After that, I came home and “pan leng” (dress up) nicely… :p Coz need to attend Vei Ee’s birthday party at Legend Hotel! Hehee! Today, I wore PINK! Coz I wanna be a PINK LADY! Lolz! U can see how PINK was I in the pics… Lolz! Some asked whether pink is my favourite colour. Actually, I love blue and white too! Anyway, Pink is a sweet colour… So Sweeettt…

The party suppose to start at 1pm… But San Peng’s time always… *sigh* Those people really like very grand like that! Guess what? They reach there at 2pm! 1 hour late!!! Yeah! I’m referring to u guys who were late! Need to list ur name out? Too much la… Cannot be punctual 1 meh?

Then, everybody seems hungry already… Food time! Lolz… I stuck myself at the chair and waited for food only.. Haha! Here, I wanna thanks Chee Tat! Haha! Brought me so much food… Hehe! Yiqi and Yenn too! U 2 looked like waiter and waitress only… Keep bringing food to us… Haha! Of all the dishes, I like the Ice-cream most! Yummy Yum Yum!! Opps… *It’s actually Chee Tat’s ice-cream* I stole it from him… :p Dun mind yah?

After eating then photo session! But my camera ran out of battery again… Stupid… Every time need the camera also 4get to charge battery 1… So, I only managed to take 29 photos… Sorry… *Chak Chak Chak*… We took a lot of pics… Its fun!! *wink*

Besides, Vei received a lot of pressies… Hope u like the necklace we bought for u… Must wear it all the time yah? Lolz! Happy 21st Birthday, Vei! Happy Happy Birthday!!!

~Stay Cool~


Sara said...

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ViNi said...

Vanessa here, Vini's my nick in case u dunno, lol. Oi! You are so leng lui in the pic. I was just reading, where does you mom work? She manages the boutique, made the clohtes? or what? Lol, I'm interested.