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Thursday, September 22, 2005

IMC Assignment drives me crazy!

22 September, 12.30pm.. IMC Assignment DEADLINE!!

Yesterday I was rushing for this Assignment until 3 something in the morning… *Yawn* I was so tired and decided to sleep and continue with my other group members the next morning.

6 am… Alarm rang.. I woke up… then fall back to sleep.. So tired!! 7am… My morning call came already… *Open Eyes* OHH! Late already! I have a 8am class! So, I rushed to the bath room, got myself ready and drove to Uni. Ermm… Today’s traffic was a bit unusual. Because there were very few car on the Highway!! Ppl save petrol that’s why they decided to car pool? Lol!

This morning, I was half dead in the lecture. I didn’t pay attention to what’s Ghazala saying… because I HAVENT finish my IMC Assignment!! *Sigh* Besides, I forget to print today’s lecture notes also… Grrr.. I hate that… I cant see the screen clearly.. It’s too far away from me. Think its time for me to get a pair of new specs.

After the lecture, I rushed to the Lab with my group mates… We did some final editing and printed out the whole assignment… Hehe! We were so happy! We finished it at 10.30 am!! Yay Yay!! Before handing in the assignment, of coz we need to indicate the word count of the assignment! *Deleting all the headings and tables in the assignments, then count the number of words using MS Word…* OHNO!!! We exceeded the word limit!! The word limit was 4500 but we had 5200!!!

At first, we thought that’s not a big deal. So, we sort of dun care bout it until one of my group mates went to see Ghazala… Sob Sob… She said she only allowed a maximum of 4750 words. Anything more than that, she won’t mark… =( As a result, we started to re-read the whole assignment and cut down all the unnecessary words… MAD… But luckily she allowed us to extent the deadline until 4pm.

That’s why I was forced to skip my MRM tutorial and lunch as well… =( So, today I only eaten 1 meal, which is my dinner. Lolz! Sleepy.. It’s time to sleep already… Good night!

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