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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Happie Merdeka!

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Tanggal Tiga Puluh Satu… Bulan Lapan... Lima Puluh Tujuh…. Lalalala! Hahaha! Let’s celebrate OUR Lovely Country’s Birthday! Hehehe! *wink*

Anyone went to countdown last night? Saw any fireworks? I din see any… Wasted… Coz 11 something I slept already. Supposed to nap for a while, but was too tired then slept until the next morning. *Sigh*

This morning I woke up at 7am… OHNOO!!! LATE ALREADY!!! Today is Wednesday! I got 8am lecture! *Shoots* I straight away jumped out from the bed and rushed into the bathroom… Wait… Today is holiday lar… Lol! See how blur am I… Hehehe!

Anyway, I didn’t continue sleeping and start to do my assignment instead. *Sigh* This Marketing Research Assignment very hard to do lerr… Need to rad a lot of journals.. Read until my eyes also become like this already… *(@_@)* Need to get new spec already.. Lol!

Since today is the country’s Birthday, of coz there are a lot of shows on TV ler… Saw those school students danced and did the formation of logo and Jalur Gemilang… Remind me of Form 4… =p Last time I also involved in those formations… Once hear the music, need to run to the respective place… Then pusing sini, pusing sana.. Lol! Very fun! But the food given was awful…

Happie Birthday Malaysia!!! Marilah kita kibarkan Jalur Gemilang...

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