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Friday, September 02, 2005

All sorts of weird people...

On Merdeka Day, there is always high traffic in all major shopping centres... So, I helped my mum in her boutique for a few hours. I found that those customers/ people around there were pretty weird... Haha!

Firstly, there was a guy came into the boutique and tried to hide inside the rack which hangs with clothes... Guess what? He was actually wanted to answer a call... He purposely hides there because outside was too noisy... *(-__-")*

After that, there's a few Middle East customers came in and they were interested with a jacket displayed on the mannequin... And asked for the price... Then, I told them "Fifty-nine Ninety". Guess what?? She tried to get discount from me! She asked for "One Five"!! What?? FIFTEEN Ringgit?!?! Crazy... More then 50%! Too much!! End up, she walked away...

Lastly, there's a lady with weird clothing came in... She asked damn lots of weird questions… Then, she tried 5 pieces of tops… Took very very long time to try.. Came out that time, she returned only 4 pieces… Where’s the 5th 1? She thought we dunno how many pieces she tried. When we asked her that time, she was so PANIC! She quickly took another 2 pieces into the fitting room and said wanna try again… Haha! This time, she came out with 3 pieces! Lolz! The piece which she wanted to steal was actually hided inside her bag! Guess what? One of our promoter peep her from outside. She’s a thief! Recognise her face already. Cannot let her enter our shop next time… *Her mission of stealing clothes had failed* Lolz…

So, my frens… Beware of those weird people… They might do something that can harm you… Lolz! Becareful!! Byez... *wave*

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