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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Experiences in HELP

My summer semester had started for 2 weeks. For the first week of lecture, I was very boring, lonely and COLD!! *Nearly become an ice-cream!! Yummy Yum Yum* I got no friend because people there don’t look friendly to me. Moreover, most of the students there speak Mandarin… I felt very weird in that class…

The second lecture was better because I got new friends… Hehe! Finally got people wanna talk to me… So happy… Lol!! Besides, I also found their toilet! Lolz! Their toilets are clean and dry! So, I think HELP’s toilet is better than Monash’s. Hehe!! *(>_<)*

Today, I went for my very first tutorial class in HELP. I got to know another new friend today… She’s friendly and I had a nice talk with her. I even did the tutorial group discussion with her! Not bad… *(^o^)*

After the class, I went to the library to collect my Library ID… They promised that my ID will be ready by today. However, they left out my name in the list… That’s why my ID card is not ready yet…. Sob sob… Need to wait for another few days… Anyway, this library officer is much better than the previous officer I met. He is more helpful and even helped me to reserve a book!! Haha!

I went home after got my stuff done. For my previous 3 trips to HELP, I was lost on my way home… *Malu* But this time, I’m getting smarter!! Lolz!! After asking for directions for dozens of times… Finally, I got the correct way! I can reach home in 30 mins time!! Compared to Monday, I took One and a half hour to get home… Haha! =p

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