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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Bye Bye 1 Ringgit Coins

We need to say Good Bye to our 1 Ringgit coins in 3 months time… It’s only a legal tender until this 7 of December… After that, we need to stick back to our 1 Ringgit notes. I’m sure will miss the coin… Lolz! *(>_<)*

After this news was announced, all Malaysians wanna get rid off their 1 Ringgit coins as soon as possible.. Haha! Including me… Lolz… I used it to pay for parking and buy food. Right now, I only got one shinny 1 Ringgit coin left. See the picture… Shinny anot? I wanna keep it as “antique”. Lolz!! Maybe it worth much more than RM1 in the future! Kekeke… Investment?

The other day, my mum used her 1 Ringgit coins to pay for parking also. She gave the cashier four 1 Ringgit coins… Lolz… Guess what? That fella told her that they already collected more than 1000 1 Ringgit coins in 1 day! Wow!! Crazy!!

3 more months too see the coins moving around…


Jaszz said...

so now i wonder whether monash is gonna change their carpark ticket vending machine to a one tt accepts notes and not coines...

Bears said...

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