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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Marketing versus Sales

Yesterday, I received a call from my potential employers, MC... This HR person is interested in hiring me as a credit control executive. However, this is not what I wanted! Eventhough I worked as a credit control assistant before, this not totally unrelated to what I have studied for the past 4 years. Ok... So, I told him that I wasn't interested with this job as I am looking for a marketing related job. He is quite a nice person, and offer me with a sales related job. SALES?!?! My first reaction was... NO... I'm not looking for a Sales person job!! Then, he insisted that MARKETING and SALES are the same... *(=_=")*

To me, sales and marketing are two different terms with different functions... In most cases, sales persons are focusing on getting the sales, collecting money and delivering the products/ services in short-term. While for the marketeers, we are focusing on the long-term objectives. For example, marketeers are involved in the activities such as advertising, public relations, brand marketing, direct mails and etc. Marketeers perform all these activities to reach and persuade their potential customers. However, sales persons' roles are to close the sale and get a signed agreement or contract.

In short, Sales --> for short-term; while Marketing --> for Long-term!!! So... There are differences between marketing and sales!! Get it? And I think it is inappropriate for the companies to put sales and marketing as the same department...


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