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Friday, January 26, 2007


Case 1
I used to love Mix fm a lot..... I used to listen to MIX everyday!! The first thing in the morning was to tune into MIX... The MIX breakfast show by Richard Ng and Shazmin was soooooo good! I love their topics, their jokes, their games and the way they speak... Their voices are so soothing.. =)

BUT!! Recently they had changed their usual breakfast show with a brand new breakfast show. The new DJs and programmes are so damn bored!! I dont like their topics. And their games are not as interesting as the old ones... I want my Richard and Shazmin back!!! This radio station is disappointing me so much! Coz of these changes, I cant enjoy my morning drive. I always busy changing channel... From English to Chinese... From Chinese to Malay... Anyone knows any interesting radio channel? Or else... Im gonna get my Kancil a CD player... Hehehe!! Who's gonna sponsor me? *Wink wink*

Case 2
The food in my cafeteria is disappointing me as well... In the very first week I joined the company, I was told that the cafeteria food was not good. However, to me, it was not that bad. At least we are allowed to choose from various variety of food. So, I did enjoy my food.

However, I think the quality of food is getting worse now... I'm not sure whether they had hired some new chef or the food wasnt fresh... Oh no... I started to miss Medan's food... and also One to Eat's food... Hey Monashians! Our food was actually not bad!

Case 3
Today, I thought of meeting O for dinner... So, I purposely drove to O's working place after work. It was a totally new place for me. Since I had no idea how exactly the place looked like, I felt scared when I turned into that area. But I was lucky enough to get to the correct place. Yeah! I found O's office building!!

However, O rather has dinner with the colleague instead... So disappointed.. Then, I hunted for my way back home... But, silly me followed the wrong sign board and it led me back to PJ instead of Cheras... In the end, I had to make a big stupid U-turn.... DURING PEAK HOUR ON THE FEDERAL HIGHWAY!!! It was damn terrible man! *sigh*

Case 4
Another person who is disappointing me is my doctor. Remember my previous post mentioned that I was sick? Yea.. I had gastric. So, I saw this doctor and ate the medicine he gave. After a few days, I'm still not fully recovered yet. My stomach still having some weird feeling... How sad... *(@_@)*

And lots and lots of things are disappointing me... I hope my scholarship application wont get me disappointed... Or else.. You will be seeing me in the newspaper next week... "Monash Graduate Gone CRAZY"...



sue lin said...


Sorry didnt read ur blog 4 so long

one to eat and medan's great! I miss the food there toooooo... my indian rice! =( And pan mee.... pan mee.... is not bad what. 92.9
I love it and i miss it sooo much.

So u gone with ur internship??

Jacqueline said...

Hey... Thanks for dropping by...

Hahah!!! I like pan mee too! There's no pan mee over in OZ? Lol!!

I think u can still listen to online... I dun prefer Hitz coz its too noisy... Hahah! I like something soft and soothing... But dun tell me Light and Easy la! hahaha!!

Errm... Wat internship? My job in DutchLady was on contract... Currently I'm studying in Monash lo... Got the Honours offer. =p

C you around and good luck in OZ!!

sue lin said...

whoaaa.. i thought the dutchlady thing was an internship. how did the contract go?

and though this is damn late congrats on the honuors!

Jacqueline said...

Hahah!! Thanks thanks!!

nola.. not internship... Interns get super low pay wan... That time i considered as grauate ady. So, im qualified to get a real job... Since I wanted to do my honours, I signed a 3 months contract with them lo... it called temporary employment.