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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Presentation Skills

I went for a "Mini Presentation Skills Workshop" last Friday. That was a quite interesting workshop. The speaker made us into 5 small groups and discussed a mini task. The task was "How do you celebrate Malaysia's 50th Birthday"... LOL!! Yea... 31st August is coming soon!

My group suggested to have some 'teleconferences' with our Malaysians abroad... And also some video clips showing our Tanah Melayu and so on... Then, 2 presenters represented my group and presented our suggestions in front of the rest... That 2 representatives did a very good job. I like the way they present... =p

After that, the speaker commented on all the presenters and gave us lots of useful tips on how to improve our skills of presentation... Here's some presentation skills that I wanna share with you... =) *Sharing is Caring* Lol!!

During Presentation
  • Take control - control the audiences
  • Breath - this may help you to reduce your nervousness
  • Realise people want you to suceed
  • Concentrate on your message, not medium - FOCUS!
  • Don't apologise for your nervousness
  • Organise your mind - BE PREPARED!
  • Pretend - Act like your super confident... Lol!!
  • Control the pace - Not too slow... Not too fast...
  • Use 'pause' - instead of 'emm... ahh... errr...'

After Presentation

  • Be supportive
  • Reward yourself - Maybe buy yourself some chocolates?
  • Get perspective

I hope these little tips will help you (and myself) to do better during presentations... =)


1 comment:

BerryW said...

Great ideas - apart from the chocolate. I always recommend avoiding food or alcohol as treats as it sets up bad habits. Hope the presenations go well!