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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Time Flies =(

Its already Week 12!!! Oh no... Time flies... Guess what? I still have tonnes of assignments waiting for me to clear up...

BEW4000 --> Almost done =)

BEW4010 --> NOT STARTED YET!!! Still figuring out what is Multiple Regression... *(@_@)*

BEW4030 --> No time for it yet... I need to fill up some 30 pages form for this assignment! Its a super duper lengthy 'assignment'... *faint*

Proposal submission --> the 10-page limit is killing me!!

Presentation/ Thesis Defence --> Errm... Will think bout it after I have done the proposal...

And don't forget! There's still examinations to go!! Unfortunately, my paper falls on the very first day of the exam period. BEW4000 on 7th June and BEW4010 on 14th June... Although I have only 2 papers, I am still worry about it as I am totally not prepared!!

Wish me luck... Or else, I will KO like this... LOL!!!


sue lin said...


Jacqueline said...

Sue Lin... I will wait for u to come back before conducting my funeral...

sue lin said...

Hahahha, thats funny