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Thursday, January 25, 2007

A date with Coco

This afternoon, I had a lunch appointment with my lost friend --> Coco_panda... I was so excited!! When the clock turned 1pm, I faster called her and checked whether she's ready to meet me. Then, I rushed out with my handphone, key and company ID. When I was walking out the gate, I smiled and waved at the security guards. Then, I was happily walking to my makan place...

*SHIT* Mana saya punya money!?! Aiyah... I was so so so wanted to see her until forgot to bring my money out for lunch... Grr... Coz I was used to eat free lunch in my company's cafeteria... Thats why money had never cross my mind... In the end, I rushed back into the office and take out money. I know... The guards must be saying this girl very cute... Everyday also rushing here and there 1... =p Hehehe!!!

I met her for less than an hour... So not enough!! I wished to talk longer... I got lots and lots of stuff wanna share with her... U know... Gossips... Hehehe!!! But, since I will be working in DL till end of next month, I'm sure I will be seeing her for lunch again... Meet you again coco... =)



coco_panda said...

oi! apa lost friend ah.. i'm alwayz are not free to meet me only ma :p
erm...i think we can meet again somewhere the week before CNY.

and ah, no gossip la... i don't gossip de la.. i am alwayz serious *winkwink*
so 8. *bluek*

Jacqueline said...

Hahahaa!! ur always serious? *Laughing and rolling on the floor* HAhahahaah!!! Since when Coco can be serious 1 ar? Since when Coco dun like gossip 1 ar? so not u ler... :p *Bluek*