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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Consumer Behaviours on Fashion Apparels - Questionnaire

Hey friends,

I am conducting a research project for my Honours thesis. I would like to invite you to provide me your views regarding your fashion apparel's buying behaviours. I would be grateful if you could spend about 15 minutes to fill in the questionnaire which is about the satisfaction levels, perceived product quality and loyalty of customers towards their fashion apparel retail outlet.

Please click HERE to view the questionnaire. Or type as address...


p/s: If you don't mind, please fwd the link to your friends as well. Thanks a lot!



sue lin said...

hey the link's not working... is it over?

Jacqueline said...

Its not over yet... I think there's some bugs in my internet explorer... The link turned weird in IE, but its perfectly fine in Mozilla...

This is the address

Please help me to fwd this link to other frens as well k?Desperately need more respondents... Especially Malays...

Thanks yah!