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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ancora Imparo

Ancora Imparo, which means I am still learning... This is Monash University's motto... It encourages us to continuously learn new things and experiences... Not to give up and etc...

Well, last Saturday was my Graduation Ceremony!! The event was held at 10.00am at the Grand Lagoon Ballroom. That was my very first convocation!!! I was so excited on that day. I woke up early and dressed up nicely for the grand event.

Aaron picked my up at 7 something in the morning and we reached the ballroom around 8am. Amazingly, there were already packed with early birds!! Wow! Some of my friends collected their gowns at 7 something and rushed to the nearby photo studio for some professional photo shoots... Yea... It's once in a life time. So, we must keep some great pictures as memories...

After I collected my graduation gown, a friendly Malay lady helped me to wear it on... Lol!! She even praised my shirt was nice... =p *Thank you!* Then, I proceeded to another counter to get my hat... I got a small hat. But, its still way TOOOO BIG for me!! The guy realised that my hat was loose, and he gave me 5-6 hair pins... =/ Even after I pinned it, the hat still couldn't sit stably on my head. They should order some smaller hats!

When we are ready with our gown, all of us were busy snapping pictures! *Snap snap snap*... I snapped a lot too! But, those who took my picture have not sent them to me yet!! So, I have very few on hands now. Here are some of the pictures I have...

First of all, my picture with my family... My beloved daddy, uncle and 2 brothers... *Thanks to my cousin who gave my that bouquet of flowers*

Then, a pic with Aaron... Finally we are graduated...

And more... *Yin Mei*, *Shu Yin* and *Mei Yin*... We are the Yins...

Below is Gary --> The big bully...! p/s: the flowers and snoopy are not mine... those belong to his gf - Joanna... Lol!

*Jacin, Joanna, Yin Mei and Aaron*.... They all are accountants in the Big 4 company!! Happy Graduation!!

All graduands were supposed to proceed to the ballroom for rehearsal at 9am. However, no one bother about that rehearsal. We continued with our photo sessions.

5-10 mins before the actual ceremony starts, the graduands together with the guests proceeded to the ballroom. I was very blur... I did not notice that there are numbers along the sideway... Just like the cinema, which tell you that which row you are supposed to go. I stupidly walked row by row to look for my number... *sweat...*

Finally, I found my number at the other side of the ballroom... Sigh... I was sitting beside Yin Mei; in front of Sabrina; and behind KH and Yen Li.... Luckily there are familiar faces around me... =p

Its my turn to receive my Certificate! I was a bit nervous... Lol!! And also afraid that my hat will fall down on the stage... And this is my picture on stage... My brother shook his hand when snapping... Sigh... Wasted!

The ceremony ends at 11 plus and all graduands walked out from the hall proudly... Sadly, my brother didnt get to snap my photo. He was sitting too far away from the stage and his hand always shook when snapping pictures... *Geram*..

After the ceremony, I met Ms. Ghazala... She teaches me forever!! Can you imagine that she taught me for 5 semesters for the past 3 years, out of 6 semesters!!! She's a great Marketing lecturer. Hehehe!! Thanks for everything...

Also many other friends... This is Kathleen, my Honours classmate. Her favourite animal is Monkey... =p

This is Yen Li... She's our 'mummy' aka 'dai kah jie'... Printer problem/ door problem/ assignment problem/ phone problem... or watever problem... Just call her and she will solve everything...... Kekekke!!

This is my best friend in High school... Yenn.... Thanks for the striking Yellow Spongebob... Lol!! Some people laughed at us when she gave it to me... opps...

*Thanks for all the pressies... The pink roses are sweet!!*

Anyway, it was a great ceremony!



sue lin said...

Nice! So nice! Congrats!!! =)

Jacqueline said...

Thank you!!!