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Sunday, August 12, 2007

My experiences of conducting surveys...

As mentioned in my previous post, I am conducting a market research for my final thesis. So, I am in the process of collecting information about the consumers' buying behaviour and perceptions towards the fashion apparel products.
For the past few weeks, I was busy in the food courts and shopping malls to distribute my questionnaires. For the first day (in Asia Cafe, SS15), my response rate was not bad. Most of them are willing to participate in my research. One of them even asked if there are any vacancies in Monash University... LOL!! However, a small number of them rejected my survey politely (at least with a smile).
The following week, I was conducting my survey in Mid Valley Mega Mall. Some of the shoppers are willing to help me. They are quite friendly. But, unfortunately, the management of the shopping mall disallowed me to carry on my survey... =( Anyway, the guard stopped me in a very polite way. He didn't screw me up in public. *Phew*
Ok... Another area was Sogo, KL... The shoppers were quite rude... Most of their responses were "No!", "Solli..."... And one of the guy even ran away with my questionnaire and pen!!! What the hell... I had bad experiences over there... *Sigh*
And last week, I was in Berjaya Times Square... The situation was even worse! NONE of them is willing to fill up the form for me! One of the guy replied "Tak ape... Saya ni student"... I was like... Huh?? Did I ask u to buy anything? And some lady gave me a weird look and said no... Some even stared at me fiercely... Oh my god... I didnt know KL people are so unfriendly... No wonder one of the research conducted by Reader's Digest said KL people are rude... And yea... I had proven their research is quite true. Ohh wait... Me myself is from KL too... *Opps* Maybe I am the minority... LOL!!!

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sue lin said...

Woww... too bad the MV mgmt asked u to stop. Ppl there seem to be the best among the malls.