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Monday, December 24, 2007

My great Assignment groupmates

When I was an undergraduate, we always have tonnes of assignments and we must complete them within a LIMITED time frame. Sometimes, there's even more than 1 assignment due on the SAME DATE!!! Whooo... Thats tough!

However, I am always lucky enough to get great groupmates... Especially Kelly and Munny!!! Both of you are great... We cooperated well in more than 1 assignments!!! *(^_^)*

She was my groupmate since second year!! We did at least 5 assignments together within 2 years!.. Like, IMC, Mkt Strategy, Mkt Planning, Int. Mkt and Int. Mgt. assignments!!! Errm.. Did I left out anything else? Anyway, I'm happy to have u as my groupmate!!! I enjoyed doing presentations with u!! She's my BEST groupmate ever!!!

And this is Munny... I knew her in my 3rd year and did 3 assignments with her too!! Mkt Strategy, Mkt. Planning and Int. Biz. She's fun, sweet and talk a lot... a.k.a. talkative... LOL!! And she's one of the most daring gal among my circle of friends. So, any of you interested with her? Hehehe!!! And yea... she's single at the moment... *wink*

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Sue Lin said...


I also had the best study partner in my 2nd year of my degree! Great friends are the best!