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Monday, September 13, 2010

Tangkuban Perahu Trip @ Bandung

This post has been delayed for almost 1 month. Now, I finally found some time to update my blog. This is how I utilise my 1 week of annual leaves. Yea, I'm on leave!!! Wooohoooo~~~ =)

On 17 August, it was Indonesia's Independence Day and we got 1 day of public holiday. So, my colleagues and I took this opportunity to explore other parts of Indonesia. D drove me and 3 other colleagues to Bandung again! This round, we visited Tangkuban Perahu.  

Tangkuban Perahu is an active volcano 30 km north of the city of Bandung, the provincial capital of West Java, Indonesia (Wikipedia, 2010). According to Wikipedia, this stratovolcano is on the island of Java and last erupted in 1983. It was 27 years ago, which is way before I was born.

We saw this board at the entrance of Tangkuban Perahu. In fact, I was too busy enjoying the scenery and didn't bother to read it =p

It is one of the popular tourist attraction in Bandung, besides Kawah Putih and Ciwidey strawberry farms. Tourists can either hike or ride to the edge of the crater to view the hot water springs up-close. We chose to drive up the hill to save our energy. Hahaha!! XD See, there were a lot of other visitors drove up too!

There were packed with a lot of visitors' vehicles!!

D told me that the name of Tangkuban Perahu translates roughly to an "upturned boat" in Sundanese. There is also a legend behind this mountain, but I have forgotten it. You can see the "upturned boat" from the picture below. =)

M and I snapped a beautiful picture at the edge of the crater

D, M and I were enjoying the view of the beautiful hot water springs... =)

There were a lot of stalls selling stuffs like t-shirts, batik, toys, eggs, corns, and other local souvenirs...

B left us and climbed up the hill alone. So, H, M and I were waiting for his return...

Later, we met 3 bikers who rode their mountain bikes up to this volcano hill. They were snapping pictures with their bicycles near the crater. Then, we made friends and helped each other to snap group pictures. We also got their permissions to snap pictures with their bicycles.

I posed with a biker's mountain bike, and you can see the other biker was posing with his bike at the background of this picture. Hahahah!

M also posed with the bike in a creative way!! Wooo.... Strong woman!!

In the end, we snapped a group picture with the 3 bikers =)

Even though it was a short day-trip to Bandung, we did enjoy the crater and a little bit of shopping at Rumah Mode after that. *(^-^)v*

However, we couldn't buy our bakso (meat balls) from Bakso & Sosis as it was closed. =( Probably they were closed due to public holiday or Ramadan month. Ishhh... I miss their yummy meat ballssssss!!!!



Sue Lin said...

perahu we can understand. Tangkuban is not similar to Malay

hey i LOVE the picture of the three of u and the bikers. Its so so beautiful!!!!

Jacqueline said...

Thanks, Sue... =)