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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Exploration outside Jakarta city @ Bandung

I traveled to Bandung town with another 4 of my colleagues over the weekend. Our Indonesian colleague, D was kind enough to drive us to this food and shopping paradise. We departed from our apartment early in the morning and the journey took us about 3 hours. 

Along the journey, we saw all sorts of trees, estates, paddy fields, and also the buffaloes who are working on the paddy field. I think this is even more interesting than traveling along our North-South Expressway from Kuala Lumpur to Penang. :p Probably this is my first time traveling out of Jakarta's golden triangle, that's why everything else looks so interesting to me.

The first thing we did when we arrived Bandung was to hunt for our breakfast. D recommended us nasi kuning. It is yellow rice with some beef floss, beans, crackers, and sambal chili. This is similar to the nasi kuning in-flight meal that we usually order from Air Asia. However, the difference was we ate this along the roadside! Basically, we sat on a bangku (stool) and ate our breakfast along a main road. On top of that, this is so much yummier and cheaper than the in-flight meal. I should have snap a photo of it. Hahah!

After that, D drove us around the city, which is surrounded with dozens of factory outlets. Oh my goodness! We had to control ourselves in order not to overspent! He brought us to one of the famous factory outlet called Rumah Mode.

He was jokingly telling us that he needs to hide away his ATM card and credit cards. Or else, he will be 'donating' all his money to Rumah Mode. Hahaha! My other 3 colleagues really had a great time shopping in this outlet, while I came out empty handed. =( The reason why I didn't grab anything for myself was because most of the female clothing are in bigger sizes/ European sizes.

During lunch, we discovered a very unique washbasin! I love the design of this washbasin. Check out the tortoises. Aren't they cute? The interesting part was I couldn't figure out how to turn on the water tap at first. Three of us, me, my colleague, M, and another restaurant customer were trying to figure it out. We pressed the tortoise head, pulled its tail and legs. We even tried if that is an automatic tap by moving our hands below the tortoise mouth!! But, none of the above ways work! HOW TO TURN ON THE WATER?!?!

In the end, I saw the round switch on the right-hand side of the washbasin. I pressed it and still got no water running out from the tap. Then, I turned the switch clockwise. Voiilaaa!!! The cute tortoise finally puke out some water for me to wash hands. Hahaha! This is so interesting!! 3 of us laughed. XD

I wish I can have this cool designed washbasin at home too!! =)

Photo credits: BWK


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