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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The beautiful white crater lake (Kawah Putih) @ Bandung

Even though many of us known Bandung as food and shopping paradise, it is also a nice tourism spot! D drove us to Kawah Putih (or white crater), which is located on the top of Mount Patuha in South Bandung. When we arrived at the entrance, we paid IDR 45,000 (approximately RM 16) per person to drive up the hill. Besides self-driving up the hill, other tourists also can opt to travel by shuttle bus.

When we got down from the car, I immediately felt the cold wind blew towards me! Goodness! I was wearing a 3-quarter pants instead of long jeans! I was freezing cold. I quickly wore my jacket and grabbed my shawl from my backpack. *Phew* At least I got myself a little bit warmer. 

Before reaching the crater lake, we had to walk down a long staircase. Along the way, I smelt very strong sulfur. That's why, I wrapped my nose with my shawl too! I looked exactly like a ninja. LOL!

When I walked nearer to the crater lake, I saw the beautiful greenish-white lake and a mountain behind the lake. D told me that the lake contains sulfur, which turned the lake into greenish-white. He also told me and M that the sulfur water is good for skin! So, 3 of us walked into the warm-water lake and hoped for smoother skin. Hahaha!

From left: D, B, me and M. All of us were having great time there... :)

M and I snapped a photo on the rock. This photo showed very clearly that I was still suffering from my recent sunburn... =(

The sulfur is poisonous to our body. Therefore, we were advised not to stay near the crater lake for too long. Hence, we left the place after finished snapping our pictures. When we traveled down hill, we saw a look-up point. We can't resist to get down from the car and snapped some pictures with the beautiful scenery.

These 2 Bandung posts are just part of the places we traveled. I will post more in the future. =)

Photo credits: BWK



Sue Lin said...

Ooooh its so beautiful! Makes me wanna go there too! How come its cold? Is it on a hill?

Jacqueline said...

Yea.. Its beautiful :) & its on a hill.
Come la... I can be your tour guide... Hahaha! (offer is valid for a limited period only) kekekeke! XD

Sue Lin said...

Limited period! Hahha, hey i replied ur Facebook mail! =) Looking forward to it =)

Da Net Surfer said...

Hi, can I ask more about Kawah Putih?
Is there any convenient and reasonably priced transport from Bandung to Kawah Putih?
Is there any entrance fee to be paid to enter this place? Thanks

Jacqueline said...

Hi Da Net Surfer,
2 years ago, the entrance fees for foreigners was IDR 45,000. Not sure if the fee is still the same tho...
I'm sorry that I'm not sure about the public transportations... But there are vans and taxi available in town.
Have fun!!! :-)