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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Strawberry crazee @ Ciwidey, Bandung

On our way came down from the hill top of Kawah Putih (white crater), we passed by a rest stop with lots of small stalls. Some stalls were selling local delicacies, such as Mie Bakso (meat balls noodle), satay and etc., while others are selling strawberries!! There were fresh strawberries in various sizes, strawberry jam, strawberry dodol, and even strawberry pillows!!

Most of the strawberry stalls are selling small/ tiny strawberries, which looked sour to me. However, one of the stalls was selling pretty big and red strawberries!! The strawberry seller allowed me to test the strawberry before making my purchases. It was quite sweet and juicy. I can't resist to grab some for myself! I ended up bought half a kg of strawberries for myself. It costs IDR 22,500 (approximately RM 8) for the yummy strawberries... :)

Initially the strawberries were arranged row-by-row in a proper manner. However, they were messed up after my colleagues and I chose the 'best' strawberries. LOL!

After that, we passed by a lot of strawberry farms. We stopped by at one of the largest farm in Ciwidey, and started our 'strawberry picking' spree. Hahahaa! M and I had a great moment in the farm. We checked out each of the plant for the juicy strawberries, which very often hiding in between the leafy leaves. At times, we found some spoil berries too!

B snapped the overall view of the farm

He also snapped a closer view of the strawberry plants. See the little strawberries tangling on the plant. Aren't they pretty?

B was showing off his good photography skills here. There were an unripe strawberry, a ripe strawberry and a pretty strawberry flower. Hahaha!

M and I picked a small basket of strawberries (of course we had to pay for that). We picked mostly the baby strawberries as almost all the beautiful big berries were picked by the early birds. We were told that if we arrive at 9am on a weekday, we will have a higher chance to pick the pretty berries.

These strawberries became my lunch for the past 3 days (Monday to Wednesday). Hahaha! I thought maybe its time for me to diet after eating so much over the last one week. =p 

I will definitely travel here again in the future. I love the greens and cooling weather.

Photo credits: BWK


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