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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nathan's 5th birthday celebrations

It was Nathan's 5th birthday!! His daddy, D threw him a birthday party and I was one of the invitees. =)

His daddy brought us to a seafood restaurant near Karawaci, about 45 minutes away from Jakarta city. I was surprised to find out that we could choose our seafood just like shopping in a wet market!!

See, there were baskets for us to grab whichever seafood we wanted from the glass tanks

There were a wide varieties of crabsSsss.. Owwwhhh.... I love crabs!!!

M was checking out the crab... She said 'This one goes well with Sos Padang'... LOL!!! Yum! (But the crab was struggling for its life)

I was checking out the fishes... F.R.E.S.H!! We asked the cook to cook 2 of them for us...

M was happily playing with 2 dead baby sharks... FYI, we did not eat sharks or shark fins... We were not that cruel...

When Mrs D finished chosen the fishes, crabs, prawns, cuttlefish and clams, she instructed the cook on the flavours and etc. About half an hour later, the waiters brought out the dishes. Yummm!!! The dishes were great!! The seafood were so fresh and juicy, especially the crab.

All of us ate so much and I was so full! After that, we brought out Nathan's birthday cake. It was an ice-cream chocolate cake. This cake was similar to Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence. The chocolate flavour was so thick!

He was so happy *(^_^)*

Even the waiters and waitresses sang him birthday songs!! Happy birthday to you... :)

D sent us home after the celebrations. Nathan was exhausted and felt asleep in the car before we reached home.



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