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Thursday, August 05, 2010

20 Ways to Create More Time

I saw an interesting post by nimmy78, who is one of the Citizen Blog bloggers. She found 20 tips on how to create more time from a Christian publication magazine. I thought the tips are very useful, especially for those who are living in the fast pace and competitive city.

A print screen of Citizen blog by The Star Online

20 Ways to Create More Time
  1. Keep a daily to-do-list
    • I do keep my daily or sometimes weekly to-do-list (it depends on my workload)
  2. Synchronise your calendar
    • I don't think I have so many appointments to manage yet
  3. Write an "Action Plan"
    • This is one of my tasks at work
  4. Generally schedule your most important tasks
  5. Set goals over which you have a large degree of control
  6. Acknowledge that you will not have time for everything
    • Prioritisation is very important
  7. Keep a time log
  8. Schedule less
  9. Minimise interruptions
    • I have temporary stopped using my MSN for quite some times
  10. Schedule the most challenging work for the time of day when you are most energetic and alert
  11. Do the most unpleasant task as soon as possible
  12. Allow time for the unexpected
  13. Use transition time
    • I do have lots of transition time every fortnightly when I am waiting for my flight (AirAsia always delay for at least 30 minutes!!) 
  14. Apply the 80/20 rule of thumb
    • One of the McKinsey ways, which I learned during work assignments 2.5 years ago
  15. When you feel overwhelmed with work, write each task on an index card
  16. Periodically, take time off to 'recharge' your batteries
    • Holidays!! Cameron Highlands will be my next trip! =) 
  17. Think on paper
    • Scribble/ brainstorm your thoughts on paper 
  18. Don't be a perfectionist
  19. Work like a professional
  20. Be flexible
Source: Citizen Blog, The Star 

Many of us find it difficult to manage our limited time. Very often we would wish to have more time in order to meet our project deadlines/ more free time for leisure/ relaxations, friends and family. However, if we successfully pick up some of the above 20 tips, we may be able to work more efficiently and effectively. Then, we will have more time for others! Let's start with keeping a daily to-do-list first. =)



Anonymous said...

Sorry for my bad english. Thank you so much for your good post. Your post helped me in my college assignment, If you can provide me more details please email me.

Jacqueline said...

Hi, anonymous...Good luck in your assignment. :)