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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Company outing @ Pantai Anyer

Last month, I traveled to Pantai Anyer with my Indo colleagues. Pantai Anyer is located in the west coast of Java about 120km from Jakarta. That was the first time I traveled to an island in Indonesia. Although I was very excited before the trip, I was praying hard not to get sunburn again. LOL!!

A group of 50++ of us gathered near our office building early in the morning. Some of us were busy transferring the presents (for lucky draws) and other goods from the office to the bus, while others were busy distributing breakfast boxes. It was quite tiring as we had to carry down boxes of stuffs from the 12th floor to the bus, which was parked quite far away. *Sweat*...

When I got onto the bus, I was quite surprised that the bus has 5 seats in a row!! Altogether it can fit more than 50 passengers! If I am not wrong, Malaysia's express bus can fit a maximum of 48 passengers only. This is seriously something uncommon to us - Malaysian. On top of that, this air-conditioned bus was fitted with an LCD flat screen TV!! Its for our karaoke session. However, we forgot to bring some English CDs... So, there were Indonesian songs all the way. I enjoyed the songs but I can't sing along. How sad.

I snapped a picture of the bus (Actually the aisle was very narrow due to the extra seat)

On the way to Pantai Anyer, we passed by a lot of small and bumpy roads. We were like sitting on a rocky boat instead of a bus. I was quite dizzy at times *(>_<)* After a few hours (I cant remember exactly how long it took to reach our destination), we finally arrived at Caritas Resort. *Phew!!* 

After some group activities and lunch, we proceed to our respective chalets. It was an attap roof chalet (a house built with attap leaves) with 4 rooms. I shared the chalet with another 7 colleagues, while M was my room mate. We were lucky enough to get a room with an attached-bathroom (It was assigned to us, we didn't choose). Hahah!
While we were waiting for the next activity, we entertained ourselves with the camera. *snap snap snap* We kept snapping pictures like nobody business...

B is the thorn among the pretty roses XD

Later, all of us were grouped into 5 teams and the games had began. Firstly, it was just some light warm up exercises. Then, it follows by other games that required more energy.

I participated in a game where we tied up our legs as shown in the picture below. Then, we had to 'run' to the other end, picked up a ping pong and ran back to the starting point. Although my team ended to be the second last team to arrive the finishing line, we did not fall down like one of the groups. We were slow and steady. Hahaha!! After the game, my legs were hurt. Probably, the rope that tied our legs was tied too tight. =(

I was busy discussing our so called strategies with my team. Why do we still lose? Blame my short legs. LOL!

There were another game that required us to make the longest human-bridge. We tried our best to connect ourselves with everything we can find at that time. For example, I took out my slippers and hair band, while one of my team mates took out her shoe laces and belt! Some of them even took out their shirts and pants in order to win the game!! Awww... On top of that, we continued with this game even though it was drizzling. Therefore, all of us were dirty and stinky. Hehehee!

The longest human-bridge... Amazing...

On the following day, we carried out some in-door activities instead of the dirty outdoor games. Some of us didn't bring enough clothes for change! Hahah! In this game, everyone took turn to dance in front of the rest, while the rest followed the leader's movements. Emmm... I ran out of ideas so I was doing some stupid movements.

Waka waka ehh ehhh....

After the fun and tiring games, we proceeded to the seaside for banana boat!! When I was sitting on the banana boat, I couldn't see much as I wasn't wearing my spectacles. However, I did feel the cooling breeze and heard the loud sound from the speed-boat's engine. Few minutes later, we were tossed into the middle of the deep blue sea. Although it was not my first time got tossed out from a banana boat, I still felt panicky as I can't swim. Besides panicky, I immediately held my Finance Manager, S with all my strengths since he was the nearest to me. I thought I probably made him panicky too. Hahaha!

Then, for the second round when we got tossed into the sea, the banana boat operator immediately rushed towards me. LOL!! He knew that I will probably scream out loud, so he saved me before others. I felt quite embarrassed at that time. Kekekeek!

My colleagues were so happy after got tossed into the sea

I got a little sunburned and a bit tanned after the trip. However, my skin got less irritated after I applied almost half a bottle of the aloe vera gel recommended by M. The gel is working!! I could feel and see the difference after applying the gel generously on my burnt skin. I am going to standby more of the gel if I am planning for more outdoor outings in the future.

I bought this gel from Watson for around RM12 only. Do try it if you have sunburn problem too! =)



Sue Lin said...

Yeah, aloe vera is very good for sunburn. The skin wont peel after application =) I normally buy Banana boat. Its about RM19... i cant remember was it watson or guardian... the price difference is significant, its worth to always compare between pharmacists

Jacqueline said...

Somehow I am allergic to Banana boat... Especially their sun block. My skin will be swollen even faster after applying the Banana sun block... hahah!!