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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Exhausted day 2 @ Pulau Tidung, Jakarta

On our second day in Pulau Tidung, we woke up and found lots of mosquitoes bites on our skin. Aww... We should have applied some insect repellent. =(

After clean-up, we had our breakfast near the beach. The beach area was quite a distance from our guest house. So, we could either cycle, ride a motorcycle or trishaw to the beach area. All 4 of my mates decided to ride a bicycle to the beach. However, I had refused to cycle as I had a bad experience on the evening before.

I was trying my best to cycle on the uneven and narrow road. Due to lack of experience and pressures from other bikers, I lost balance and felt from the bicycle (others honked me and tried to overtake me). First, I rammed into a tree. Then, I felt into the bushes for 2 times. :'( I was hurt and my slippers were torn. Anyway, I still rode slowly until I reached my destination on the previous day.

In order to avoid more scratches on my leg, I pleaded B to fetch me and he did! Hehe!! Thank god, he is pretty good in riding bicycle. According to him, he used to fetch people to school with bicycle during his school days.

The bicycles and us =)

After we parked our bicycles at the parking bays, we walked towards the beach. Although the sand was not as soft as those I touched in Andaman Langkawi, the view was actually very nice.

We posed at the relaxing beach side

There was a coral bridge, which gathered with a lot of rocks and dead corals. I am not sure if this bridge was formed naturally or built by human. As you can see from the picture, there were trees grown in between the coral bridge.

The coral bridge and 2 trees
The coral bridge was not connected. So, we had to cross the water too!

We managed to cross over

We walked to the end of the bridge and enjoyed the cold wind blew towards us. We could see some corals in the clear water too! Besides, we also checked out others who were riding on banana boats, and later got tossed into the sea.

After that, we dropped by a warong (food stall) and grabbed some drinks. I had a cup of Mocha for IDR3,000 (approximately RM1). The drinks was not bad but there were some residual mocha powder at the bottom. I found most of Indonesia's instant powder drinks do not dissolve properly in the hot water. So, I still prefer to import my own 3 in 1 Milo, Nescafe and cereal drinks from KL.

A picture of us resting

After we had our lunch, we packed our belongings and gathered at the jetty. We were supposed to catch the 12noon boat. However, our travel agent bought us the wrong tickets. We got to stay for another hour for our return boat to Jakarta.

Sadly, the boat was delayed!!! I thought only AirAsia will delay. =( We got no choice but to wait under the sun for a few hours before we can get onto our boat. On the way back, we couldn't get a place at the upper deck. 5 of us were cramped at the lower deck. It was stuffy and hot. That was one of the longest 2.5 hours I ever had!!

But I seem to be still energetic after a long day... :p

Photo Credits: BWK


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