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Sunday, August 15, 2010

I spent HALF A MILLION on hair!!

I have not done anything to my hair for quite some time. The last time I cut my hair was about a year ago, which I chopped off my my hair from waist length to shoulder length.

This is how I looked like a year ago =)

Now, my hair has grown longer and it got messy and messier (You will agree with me if you have seen the pictures in my recent posts). So, I decided to restyle my hair a little. I went to a famous hair saloon, Johnny Andrean at a nearby shopping mall - Mal Ambassador. Although there were plenty of hair saloons in the mall, I thought this saloon should be more reliable as they have a few hundreds branches all over Indonesia.
Firstly, a shampoo girl washed my hair. Then, a hair stylist approached me and recommended a layer cut for me. I replied with my limited Bahasa Indonesian 'Bisa...' (Okay, can), followed with a wide smile. :) After the hair cut, I found it was so short! She quickly brought a mirror and showed me that my hair is still long at the back. It looked shorter at the side as that was a layered style. Well, I had accepted that.

Later, she applied some vitamins onto my hair, followed with some hair rebonding cream. The whole process of rebonding took about 4 hours. I felt bored while waiting for my hair to get done. In between the waiting time, I grabbed some magazines and flipped for the pictures. Sadly I am not so good in Bahasa Indonesia, but the pictures do tell a thousand words. Hahah! Other than that, I was playing with my phone and I snapped a picture of myself!

I looked stupid but I had nothing better to do. LOL!

Half an hour later, another shampoo guy washed off the cream and blown my hair dry. Then, my hair stylist came back with a rebonding tool and slowly ironed my hair straight. I was hoping that she won't burn my hair. LOL!

It wasn't done after the ironing. Right after that, she applied some cream onto my hair. I have no idea what cream was it. I supposed it was hair straightening cream. By the time she finished applying the cream, it was just in time for the Muslims to break fast. So, the crowded hair saloon had became empty and quiet in a sudden. Most of them had gone for dinner. While waiting for them to come back and continue to work on my hair, I started to eat the tidbits that M bought me. She was afraid that I might die of hunger. Hahhaha!!

About half an hour later, a shampoo guy washed my hair again. My hair was washed 3 times for the past 4 hours. *Phew* Lastly, the hair stylist ironed my hair for the second time. Voila!! Now, my hair becomes much straighter and smoother.

Is my hair look better now? :p

The bill came out to be.... closed to HALF A MILLION!! Of course it was in Rupiah. Hahaha! It was approximately RM 160 only. So, I thought it is quite worth it and I hope it will last long.



Sue Lin said...

Very nice =) I also wanna cut n straighten

Jacqueline said...

Thanks, Sue... =)