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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Streamyx Sucks!

My Streamyx connection was down for the past 1 week… 2 days after the connection was down, I called up the call centre 1300-88-9515… They put me on hold… I kept listening to the Streamyx music… Very irritating and annoying… After 5 minutes, still no people pick up my call… I gave up and ended the call… =(

Next day, I tried again. Luckily there’s someone picked up the call… She told me to check the telephone line, cable, modem… Do this and that… But, the connection was still down. Finally, she decided to send me a technician…

Two days after the report was made, the technician came to my house and ‘repaired’ the problem. According to him, my router was spoilt. So, he asked me to bring it back to the hardware shop for repair or replace it with a new router. As a result, I brought it back to Low Yat. However, that technician told me this router got no problem!! 100% ok… *Blur*

Right now, I can online with the same router… So, my conclusion is, the Streamyx technician is not professional enough and they simply blame on other things… And they never admit the fact that their connection has problem…

In short, Streamyx sucks!!


coco_panda said...

hey, i'm having problem with my line too. it just get dc frequently. and it's driving me crazy. but then i called them on sunday and they pick up the call. i did listen to some music. but just a short while. and they too call me to check this and that and everything, but it still cant fix anything.
anyway, i haven't call them the second time yet.not free. hope they can deal with it fast coz i've been facing this problem for the past four days. *sigh*
you can see it when i keep going on and off in my msn.

Jacqueline said...

The Streamyx line 'sot sot dei' 1 lar... Not reliable at all!! But, Streamyx ppl did call me and ask whether my problem has been fix by the technician... Anyway, I think they should change their technician instead of asking me to change my router... hahah!! Sack them all!!! Heheh!!

coco_panda said...

haha! good idea!

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