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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Be careful of those unrecognisable mechanics

Today, my petrol level was running low. Therefore, I drove into a petrol kiosk along the highway to refill my petrol tank. There were two mechanics and they offered themselves to check my engine… After they checked my engine, they told me that the “acid” was finished. Then, they asked me to refill the acid or else my car will burn…

Although I was scared, I dared not leave my car to them… I scared them will do something bad to my car… I refused to follow what they said and immediately drove to my own mechanic. After my mechanic checked it, he told me… “Finished his head la” (In Cantonese)… Haha!! He said got damn lot la… That’s actually “Battery Water” lerr… Luckily I didn’t get con by that two men…

So frens… Be careful of those mechanics… Only go to those recognisable workshops…


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