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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Romantic dinner @ Kampung Daun, Bandung

In Bandung, D brought us to a unique and romantic gallery culture cafe called Kampung Daun. It is a restaurant situated on a hill at the Northern part of Bandung city. The restaurant is surrounded with green and beautiful scenery. This is a famous dating place for couples. =p

When we reached the car park, we had to walk quite a distance into the restaurant along a candle light pathway. =) It got even more romantic that night as it was a cold rainy night. However, too bad, we did not come here with our other halves. LOL! 

We had only one umbrella. So, we had to share it. M and I hugged together, while B was shading us from behind. Pity D and K who shaded themselves with their jackets. We were so cold, yet happy to be there.

This is a unique sign of Kampung Daun at the entrance

A nice waterfall in the middle of Kampung Daun... could be an artificial waterfall. But I like the sound of water flowing down from the rocks

One of the food station, where the chefs were busy cooking for us... =)

M and I posed in our hunt. This is actually a very romantic dinner place for couples... :p

 My dinner - an Indonesian cuisine... I cant remember the name of the dish... was it Nasi Bakwon? Anyway, its rice with some veggie and a pot of hot beef soup. Yumm!!! I enjoyed the hot soup so much!

On the way back, 'Captain Jack Sparrow' and his friend were trying hard to get our attention. Hahaha! Hence, I snapped a picture with them. They are funny!

If you are interested to spend a romantic night with your other half or even your family, why not consider Kampung Daun? On top of that, the prices are quite reasonable and food is not bad. Maybe you can check out their website and photo gallery for more pictures. 

I love the environment of Kampung Daun... =)

Photo credits: B & M


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