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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Yesterday, I had a grocery shopping spree with my colleagues after work. Our company chauffeur drove us to the nearby Carrefour. As usual, Friday's traffic is always the heaviest. We got stuck in the heavy traffic for quite some time.

Along the journey, we saw some guys were earning a living by the road side. Some of them trained their monkeys to do some tricks or performance. Yea... Monkeys! Some of the monkeys even wore sunglasses and pants!! They were so 'bergaya' (stylist)!! If the passerby like it, they will throw out some money to the monkeys... This was how they earn a living. I was trying to snap some pictures of them, but failed. Maybe I will try again next time.

Later, we reached our destination and shopped for our one week supply of food. Check this out! What you see at the picture below is only 50% of the instant noodles... There are more noodles behind these stacks of noodles. These are either our breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sometimes supper!!

Yea, we know these instant noodles are very unhealthy, but we still consume a lot. We have no choice, as this is the easiest and the fastest food. Anyway, we also have these... 

Those are our so-called healthy food. We have boxes of cereals, bread, peanut butter, biscuits, pasta, milo and etc. Of course there are more in the fridge! Heheheh!!!

Guess what I ate for brunch this afternoon... What else? Indomie!! I made myself a special bowl of Indomie! I added some beef sausages, vegetables, and egg!! Not to forget, a glass of chocolate milk!! Yummers!!!

Its time for me to think of what to eat for tonight and where to lepak (hang out) tomorrow... =)



Sue Lin said...

The apartment looks nice! Do blog more! And show me sights of Jakarta! Dont forget to travel during weekends! =)

Sue Lin said...

Oh and try cooking spaghetti, its easy =)

Jacqueline said...

Haha... Sue, I do cook spaghetti sometimes... =)