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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Bamboo bridge adventure

Last Thursday, my colleagues and I went to our usual food stalls nearby the office. However, the stalls were full house! While we were wandering around the stalls, we met another 2 local colleagues, R and Y. They brought us to another eating place opposite the road.

In order to get there, we got to cross a huge and deep drain!! All my guy colleagues crossed the bamboo bridge within seconds, while M walked all the way to the main road to avoid crossing the bridge. For me, I thought of being brave. I walked across the bamboo bridge with my high heels... It was very scary! I was shaking up there and took quite some time to cross it. Guess what? I created traffic behind me... LOL! Those people behind must be cursing me for creating such queue... =p

While I was striving to cross the bridge, my boss was happily snapping my picture!! I will never try crossing it again. *SCARY*



Sue Lin said...

I like the pic! Nice! U were really concentrating! =) Ur boss is cool

Jacqueline said...

Hahahah!!! I didnt know he was snapping my pic while I was on the bridge...

Yea... He's very cool! =p