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Friday, April 23, 2010

A day out in Senayang City, Jakarta

Even though I have been to Jakarta for 3 weeks, I have not really explore the city yet. So far, I have been to only a few shopping malls nearby my office/ apartment. About two weeks ago, my colleagues and I decided to explore the second best shopping mall in Jakarta (as recommended by one of the magazines). We took a cab (its local term called Taksi/ Blue Bird) to Senayang City.

When we arrived, we got to walk through a machine. I think its a machine to examine if we were having fever to avoid the spreading of H1N1 virus.

Anyway, this is a pretty spacious and nice shopping mall. Most of the shops are selling the branded items ranging from clothing to electronic items, and etc. M and I walked into some of the boutiques and departmental stores. Some of the bags and shirts are pretty!! However, they were still too expensive even after discount. So, we decided to do window shopping only. Maybe we can afford some of the items one day. We gotta work harder... =p

There were some new cars displayed in their concourse areas. Toyota Vios was just launched here. But I don't think the new model is launched in Malaysia yet though. Other than that, we also saw this cute car. Its TerminalMotor (Is this the name of its model?). I am not a fan of cars, but this looks rather cute to me. Hehe!

In the end of the day, we went home with lots of breads, cakes, and J&Co donuts! The donuts were delicious!! There are avocado donuts flavor, which I don't think we can find them in KL. I will surely buy them again... Yummers!!


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