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Friday, April 09, 2010

My first working day @ Jakarta

Last Monday, I flew to Jakarta with another four of my colleagues - H, B, K and M. Our flight was scheduled at 7am. I have already arrived the airport at 4.40am. I met up with M and we checked in our luggage first. Since we were still early, we went for a drink at McD before boarding our plane.
That was the first time I boarded Air-Asia plane with 'Express Boarding Pass'. I thought we can board the plane earlier and avoid the long queue. Who knows... There were actually a huge group of people purchased the express pass too!!! Hence,the queue for express boarding was pretty long. It wasn't that express after all... =/

Two hours later, we reached Jakarta airport. Since I was sitting at the second row of the plane, I got to come down from the plane early. The customs procedures here were a bit different from other countries. Besides handed our passport and arrival card to the customs officer, we were asked to scan our finger prints too! Not 1 finger, but all 10 fingers!! Hahaha! After we got our luggage, we proceeded to our office at Jalan Rasuna Said.

Wowwww... Immediately, we started our work. Since that was our day one in our new office, we were still trying to get use to the environment. We spent a lot of time trying to settle down and also to set up our wireless internet connections.

In the evening, our Jakarta colleagues brought us to a nearby shopping centre. We bought our new local phone sim cards and some groceries items from Carrefour. Then, we went for dinner before heading to our new 'home'. Finally, I can see my new place and rest.

Phew! That was a long day to me! I was exhausted... yet enjoyed my day. =)


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