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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Getting used to Jakarta

It has been one week working in Jakarta here... I have started to get used to the currency, traffic condition, as well as food. For the first few days I arrived in this city, I kept confused with the Rupiah currency. There were so many 'zeros'. XD A meal can simply cost us about IDR 35,000 (RM13). I got to stare at the paper money a few moments to confirm whether it was a thousand or 10 thousands Rupiah. LOL! Until now, I still cant recognise them by its colour. =/

During weekdays, I will go to the nearby restaurant with my colleagues for a quick lunch. Unfortunately, there are only two restaurants nearby (others are the roadside stalls). So, we visit that two restaurants every alternate days! Monday, Wednesday and Friday was Nasi Bangkong; while Nasi Padang on Tuesday and Thursday. Actually, it is quite bored to eat the same thing everyday. On top of that, most of them are spicy food! I hope I can survive for a longer term... LOL!

Today, it is a lovely Saturday. However, my colleagues and I stayed in the apartment for the whole day! We were too lazy to walk out of the apartment. First of all, we cant drive here. Not to mention that we do not have a car and a valid local driving license. Even if we do, we are not use to the the driving styles here. I dont think I can ever drive on such a busy road here. We rather stay at home and watch TV, Dvds, and surf the Internet. 

Guess what? I cooked today! It took us more than 30 mins to cook our instant noodles! LOL! Actually, we were struggling to turn on the stove. Hahaha!! We tried all the buttons and switches... It wasnt working! =( In the end, we needed a lighter to light up this old style stove. After this, we had appointed B to be our 'Stove-man'. Kekekekek! He will be in-charged of the stove everytime we need to cook.

In the evening, we cooked Bolognese spaghetti for dinner. Our spaghetti was not bad. Thanks to M for her expertise in cooking. She was the chef, while I was the assistant chef. LOL! I even added cheese into my spaghetti!! Hahahaha! Yum yum!!

I find it quite interesting and fun to cook as a team. I am sure there will be more fun cooking sessions in the future. =p Looking forward to those happy moments....



Mr Lonely said...

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Sue Lin said...

Hie! Are u back from Indonesia?! Cool to have international experience! Was it a project that sent u there? =) Waiting to hear more! Did u travel around?

Jacqueline said...

Hi, Mr Lonely,
Thanks for dropping by.

Hey, Sue... I will only be back to KL every fortnightly... I am working on some short term project here. Will blog more later... =)

See you around!