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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A frustrating taxi ride in Bangkok

I went to Bangkok over the weekend and this is the X number of times I came here. The last time I came was less than a month ago. Hence, I know the taxi fare/ charges well. For this round, I encountered some problem where the airport taxi driver was refused to turn on his meter. He wanted to charge me a lump sum of THB450 (approx. RM45), where usually it cost less than THB350 (approx. RM35) for the same trip.

My mum and I immediately negotiate with the driver. We even requested him to stop the car. In the end, he agreed to use the meter, while we pay the airport charges (THB 50) plus the toll fare. Well, this is fair as the toll fare and airport charges are to be borne by the passengers. However, he sounded like very frustrated and unhappy with us.

After that, he started to drive like a mad cow on the highway! He honked each and every car on the road and swift from one lane to the other. He was just a crazy idiot driver! On top of that, he used a longer route to reach our destination! He overshot the exit of the first highway and went up to the second highway. Therefore, we had to pay another THB45 for the toll fare. Ishhh!! Then, he made a huge U-turn to go back to our hotel! Yea, this is how he can charge us more!!

I was even angrier when he started to jam the brake in front of the traffic light! When he reached the traffic light of a big junction, the traffic light turned red. However, he was trying to beat the traffic light but it was failed as the van in front of him braked. So, he jammed his brake in a sudden and the impact caused our body to move forward!! Thank god we wasnt hurt. He’s such a terrible driver! I immediately jotted down his details and snapped a picture of his car plate number displayed in the taxi.

After some frustrating ‘city tour’, we finally reached our hotel. And guess what, after adding up all the charges, the cost came up to THB450! And he didn’t even want to come down to unload my luggage from the boot. Ok, fine. I unload it by myself and snapped a picture of the taxi after that.
Guess what? I didn’t close his car boot properly. Yea, I did that on purpose! You can actually see it from the picture... Hahahah!! Since he conned us, I tried to revenge on him! I hope his car boot will open up when he reach the highway!!! Heheheh! It would be funny driving with an opened boot.

If there are any future trips, I will ensure that I check for the taxi fare with the driver before getting into the taxi. In this case, I can simply hop into another taxi, which is driven by an honest driver.



Wong How Jun said...

Lol...I met some of the "experience" when I was in Hatyai...Will talk about it.

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