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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Young Corporate Malaysians Summit

Last week I got an email from regarding this 'Young Corporate Malaysians Summit". I think this summit may be useful and I decided to attend it. I was supposed to attend this summit with another 2 colleagues. However, due to some unforseen circumstances, I gotta attend it alone.

When I arrived Menara Integriti, I saw lotsa young people in their very formal office attire. I was so worry that I was under dressed as I did not wear a blazer like others. Luckily, when I stepped into the building, I saw some guys was even more informally dressed than me! They were wearing a pair of jeans with a simple t-shirt! =p

Ok.. After I registered myself and got my goodie bag, I saw this girl, F who was standing alone near the corridor. I approached her and tried to make some conversations... Hehehe! And now, she becomes my friend! She's a lovely and friendly person who works in the Corporate Planning department too! We chatted for a while until the summit was started.

The sessions before lunch were pretty interesting. I even jotted down my own notes! The summit became even more interesting when one of the participants started a 'little debate' with the panel speakers during the Q&A session.

During lunch, I met a final year Engineering student from 1 of the Singaporean universities. Later, I found out that he is from Malacca! Then, we started to discuss about the nice food around Malacca. He told me Capitol Satay Celup. Yeah! I tried that, but I am not a fan of satay celup... After that, I met a professioner trainer... LOL! So happen, I was looking for a trainer who can speak in Bahasa!! What a coincident, manz... =)

The session right after lunch was a little dull and boring... Probably the 'after-lunch effect' had just kicked in. Hahaha!

I remember the final session was regarding 'Retaining the good people'. I love the topic and all the 3 speakers! One of the speakers even agreed that "Malaysians are under-paid"... *Clap clap* I love his statement!! LOL! How I wish I could get a better paycheque?

When the summit finally ended around 6pm, I saw this familiar looking guy. After some head-straching conversation with him, we finally found out where did we first met. He was 1 of my junior in my uni. We were in the same club. Another coincident... Hahaha!!!

In short, I enjoy meeting with people!!



Wong How Jun said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by in my blog. I see you went to Bangkok before ey? Can't wait to go there. I'm sure you're gonna like my next posts. It's bout my recent Hatyai trip.

Jacqueline said...

Ooo... I went to Hatyai many years ago... I think it has changed a lot now... Will check out ur post soon! =)