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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pre-birthday celebration @ Look Out Point

Few weeks ago, I had a pre-birthday celebration with A at the Look Out Point, Ulu Langat. We got the idea of going to the Look Out Point after reading SL's post in September. I thought this may be a great place where you can see KL's night view. =)

A googled and did some simple researches of the place. He found the address and we drove up the hill with the directions given by his GPS. The GPS came in very handy when we need to go to an unfamiliar place. Probably I need to get one for myself too! Hehe!

When we arrived at the Look Out Point, we saw a few restaurants were operating next to each other. There were 1. Look Out Point, 2. The Heaven, 3. Gasoline, 4. The Panorama Restaurant and the last restaurant was under renovation. That was our first time came to this place. So, we had no idea about which is the best restaurant. 

In the end, we chose Look Out Point Restaurant because the waiter was friendly. On top of that, we saw more tables were occupied with customers in the restaurant. Then, we got ourselves a table and started to check out the menu.

This is the cover page of the menu

This restaurant also serves local food, like fried rice and fried noodles besides the western meals. After we had finished studied the menu, we were trying to call the waiter/ waitress to take our orders. But...
"Please press for service" and the button??

Where was the dumb button?!?! Hahhaah!!! We couldn't find the button!! In the end, we got to wave at the waiter. I was wondering if their customers stole the button as souvenir? LOL!!

 I posed in the picture while waiting for our food to arrive. You can see the sky was still bright from the background of the photo =)

 KL view in the evening... versus

 KL view at night, which is more colourful!! I like the lights!!

 Our dinner had arrived...
My grilled dory fish with mushroom sauce

His chicken Maryland with sausage

Well, I won't say the food was great. It was just average. However, I did enjoy the cool air and night view of Kuala Lumpur. *(^_^)*


Sue Lin said...

Wowww the sky that day was so beautiful! =)

Its well known that the food isnt great, its more for the view there

Happy belated birthday! =)

Jacqueline said...

Yupe... the view was beautiful... =)
I think their business would be much better if they improve their food quality.

And thanks for the wishes :)