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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Language barrier lead to laughter XD

Last week, I went to Carrefour, Ambassador Mall with T for some grocery shopping. I was surprised that the hypermarket had made a major rearrangement on all its products/ sections. The customers were forced to walk through the electronic and household items department before we can reach other sections. =( That was pretty inconvenient to us.

After we placed all the food and drinks into our trolley, T wanted to get himself a pair of new slippers too. Due to the confused relocation of products, I approached one of the staff and asked for directions. "Excuse me, bisa tanya mana section untuk slipper?" (May I know where is the slipper section?). She looked at me with a smile and question marks all over her head. Okay... Maybe she didn't understand my half past six Bahasa Indonesia. I repeated "Selipar? Kasut"?? (Slipper? Shoes?) Then, she put both her hands together and put them next to her head. She asked if I was asking for 'sleep'... Probably she thought I was hunting for a pillow. Hahaha!!!

This is so funny!! I was scratching my head and pointed at my heels. I told her, 'No.. No... Selipar... Kasut"... Finally, she understood. "Ohhh!! untuk tapak kaki, yea? Sandal?"... I nodded my head and she walked us to the right section. I should have mention 'sandal' in the first place. Hahahahha!!!

Now I know why I should pick up my Bahasa Indonesia. :) 



Sue Lin said...

Hhaha, there are some difference between Malay and Indonesian!

I am thinking of learning Mandarin first and then Indonesian. Indonesian just because its somewhat simpler for us =) Just some thoughts

Jacqueline said...

Yea, actually Malay and Indonesian language are quite different... For example, Indonesian called toilet as 'Kamar Kecil' instead of 'tandas'... :p