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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Another flight delay with the World Best Low Cost Airline

I flew back from Jakarta with AirAxxx on last Friday. As usual, my colleagues and I reached the airport around 5pm to catch the 7pm flight. When I was paying my airport tax at the self check-in counter, the officer confidently told me that there would be NO delay for this flight. I was happily thanking him for the great news. I thought I can get home by mid night. =)

After I settled with all the custom procedures, I continued with my works in a cafe. At 6.15pm, my colleague reminded us that its time for boarding. We quickly packed our laptops and proceeded to the boarding lounge. The guys walked so fast and left me behind... =( You cant blame me for being so slow as I was walking with high heels and carried the heaviest laptop!! There was once I weighted my laptop + adapter in the bag. It was 4kg!!! What an antique dinosaur laptop!!
I was holding my passport and boarding pass while working in the airport

At the boarding lounge, we were informed that our flight would be delayed for 1 hour!! OMG!! Passengers like us were cursing... "AGAIN?!?!??!" Well, we have no choice but to wait for the pilots to bring us home. 

Since my boss was rushing me to submit the work, I got to continue working on it in the boarding lounge. Roughly half an hour later, an officer officially announced that the delay of flight was due to some technical issue. Yea right, there's technical issue every week? However, we were luckier this week as all passengers were given a packet of rice and mineral water as compensation. Woohoo... I was so hungry at that time. The meals came to me just in time to cure my hungry tummy.

We finally boarded the plane at 10 minutes past 8 in the evening. I was not sure if it was raining outside because the flight was so bumpy. I felt the flight was flying high and low at the beginning. To be honest, I was a bit worried and tried to sleep.

After some time, the plane was much more stable and the air stewardesses started to distribute meals to all the passengers who pre-booked their meals online. I got my chicken rice combo (chicken rice with a 100ml mineral water). Since I was still full after eaten the free meal at the boarding lounge, I gave away my chicken rice to the American-British man who sat next to me. It is better to be given away than let it end up into the dustbin.

I had a little chat with him and found out that he is a Hong Kong resident who fly between KL, Jakarta and Hong Kong frequently. However, that was the second time he flew with this airline. Later, he asked for a bottle of mineral water from the air stewardess. When the air stewardess handed him the bottle of water, she said 'three Ringgit, please' softly. Probably the guy didn't hear and he felt curious why she was still standing there looking at him. He asked her in a curious tone. 'Do I need to pay?'.... I was like... 'duhhh....' Hahahah!!! Guess what, he took out one stack of 50 Ringgit to pay his 3 Ringgit drinks. Emmm....

Anyway, he was a nice guy who kept me accompanied during the 2-hour flight. We finally reached LCCT at 11.10pm. Subsequently, I got home around 12.40pm. What a loooong day and this will be repeated in 2 weeks time. Wish me luck.



Sue Lin said...

Hahhahha! A stack of 50 ringgits to pay for the RM3 bottle of water!

I always carry some 1 ringgit notes for the water. Hey u know one time i booked a flight with meal prebooked but i didnt print my paper and i forgot i had food! Such a waste!!!!!!

Was the guy good looking? Old or young? Hahha

Jacqueline said...

Hahaha!! Yeap... I think he just came out from the money changer. XD
The guy looks good... His age maybe around 30plus...

If you did your pre-booked meal, the code will appear in your boarding pass actually. So, next time remember to check, kay?