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Monday, November 23, 2009

Out of Klang Valley!!!

This is a continuation of my previous post... =)

Day 3 - Wonderful Malacca trip
I was heading to Malacca early in the morning with X... The weather was fine and the traffic was smooth...

Right after we exited the highway to Malacca, we had to rely on the sign boards coz we don't know our ways. We followed the signboard heading to Pusat Bandar... After a while, we got here!!! The Jonker Street!!!

It was quite pack in Jonker Street. We made a few rounds and found 1 parking spot. The parking fee system is quite different here compared to KL. Instead of putting coins into the parking machine, we had to buy the parking cards from the nearby store. The card cost RM0.70 each (for an hour) and we gotta stratch the card ourselves. I was having fun straching the cards. LOL!! Year >> Month>> Day>> AM/PM>> Hour>> Minute... Finally, its done! Then, I placed the cards on the dashboard and got ready for food hunt!

First stop: Lunch - Chicken Rice Ball *Yum!!*
I love the chicken!! It was so smooth and tasty!! The rice balls were great too! Initially the waiter asked if 10 rice balls are enough for me... I was like, 10 balls for 2 persons?!?!?! I thought the balls are very huge. But when it came, it looks alright. We finished all of them. XD

Second stop: Tea-time - Cendol from Cendol 88
Check out the queue!!! Eventhough there are a few stalls that are selling cendol, this stall seems to be the most famous stall. No matter sunny or rainy days, people still love Cendol 88! I was one of them who waited in queue with an umbrella. hehehe!

Finally I got my 2 bowls of cendol. There's Baba Cendol on the left and Sago Cendol (the bigger bowl) on the right. I love the sweet gula Melaka! Besides these, they serve durian cendol, mango ABC and etc... Probably I will try out the rest during my next visit... =p Cant wait to come here again...

Third stop: Dinner - Capitol Satay Celup
This is another famous eating place in Malacca. The picture below shows part of the long-queue... The queue was quite long and I waited for more than half an hour for my table.
Well, this is something like steamboat, where you dip all the food you like in the satay sauce and cook them. I chose my favourite sotong, also prawn, meat balls, kangkung, and etc... Its something special to me but I am not a big fan of Satay Celup... LOL!

Day 4 - Leaving Malacca to Seremban
Before we leave to Seremban for S & Z's wedding ceremony, we travelled back to Jonker Street for breakfast...

Fourth stop: Breakfast - Baba Laksa & Asam LaksaThis is the very first time I took asam laksa for breakfast... LOL! Sour and spicy food early in the morning! Somehow the aunty made a mistake. Check out my bowl of asam laksa on the right! There were 2 big spoons full of tuna fish! *Yum*!!! I love my bowl of asam laksa!

After the wonderful makan trip, we head towards Seremban to attend my colleagues S & Z's wedding. Guess what? I can read map!!! I was reading the map given by S and we managed to reach our destination without much hassle!!! So proud of myself... LOL!!!

I saw lots of my colleagues/ bosses in the ceremony and many of them came with their kids... So adorable. My mistake for not snapping any of their photographs. LOL! The Malay wedding jamuan is quite different from the Chinese. They started to serve the food from noon onwards and the friends and relatives can come and go at anytime between noon to evening. So, we were taking our turns to sit and eat at the tables.

After sending my wishes to the bride and groom, I left the place for the famous Seremban Siew Pau!! However, we couldnt find our way for the 'pow'. =( So, we went home empty handed...

Anyway, I think I had a great vacation!



Sue Lin said...

Hahah, i went to all the same shops in Melacca!

I also went for a wedding in Seremban, but its a diff trip and it was my Senior's wedding, Chinese wedding, served the siew pau for dessert! Hahah Yummy!

Jacqueline said...

Emm... U wasnt there on the same day as me right? LOL! Let see if we stayed in the same hotel... hehe!!

I ate Asam Laksa in KL today... It was so disappointed! I miss the 1 in Malacca!!

Grrr.... my siew pau... I'm craving for it now... =p