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Sunday, November 22, 2009

My first 2 days of annual leaves

I am now having my 'leave clearing spree'... I have a number days of leave accumulated since last year... I gotta clear my leave before they expired. (Thanks to our new HR policy) LOL! Well, I have taken 3 working days off since last Thursday. So, there's a total of 5 days off including the weekends!!

Day 1 - System failure day
Firstly, I went to the Petronas station along East-West Link for fuel. Grrr... My petrol tank's door was giving me problem. I pulled the petrol flap. However, the tank's door didnt open! This wasn't the first time that the cap refused to open. Even thought I sent it for repair before, the problem still exist from time to time. *Frustrated* Well, this problem can be solved if I pull the flap, while another person help to pull the door at the same time. Hence, I was waving at the kiosk attendants for help... He looked at me one-kind and ignored me. =( End up, I got to walk towards him and 'beg' for help. Guess what? He told his another colleague to help me instead. Ok.. I finally got someone helping me to open my tank's door. Then, another problem occur! ISHHHH!! The credit card host was offline!!! What a lucky day?? I gone through so much trouble and found out I cant pump my petrol?!?! My tank was drying. So, I had no choice and pumped RM5 first. *sniff*

I went to the BSN branch SS15 to redeem some gift certificates. I was surprised that the counter staff was SO polite and helpful! She explained stuff to me in detail and most importantly, she was very patient! She is much better than other private banks' counter staff. *Thumbs up*

After that, I was trying to renew my road tax. *Sigh* The post office officer told me that the JPJ system is down at the moment. In addition to that, ALL other post offices in Subang, Petaling Jaya and Sunway are facing the same problem! =( Why is it system down everywhere? What a disappointed morning?!?!

In the evening, I was trying to pump petrol at another petrol kiosk on my way home. Gues what.... The credit card host was offline too!! why must the systems of all places down when I need them? Maybe we need some major improvement in our systems, broadband, technology, etc. etc......

Day 2 - Fruitful day
I fetched my grandma to the market in the morning. While she was doing her 'marketing', I was trying to settle a few things...
  1. Pump petrol... The system was up!! I pumped a full tank of petrol!! *gulp gulp gulp*
  2. Renew road tax... The system was running!!! There were no queue in the post office too!! *Great* The road tax costs me RM22, including service charge. However, I kept hearing the counter staff said 'Three-ty two"... I was like... huh? "Thirty-two"?? She repeated 'Three-ty two". LOL!!!! It was either her pronunciation got problem or my hearing got problem... XD
  3. Install new car wipers... My wipers are going to celebrate their 6th birthday in 2 weeks time. They are getting old and not working properly. So, I gotta change them. I changed a pair of new Bosch wiper, cost RM28. I'm gonna test how good are them tomorrow if the sky decided to rain.... =p
After all the tasks, I fetched my gma home from the market.



Sue Lin said...

Wow, didnt change ur wipers for almost 6 years????!?!?!?

I would also be angry if i took leave and had a system down day! My father's insurance agent does everything for us, all car licenses and insurance, she just comes to collect money and then deliver the sticker thingie. So convenient, i love my father for taking such service

Jacqueline said...

Hahaha!!! Yea! This is the first time I change the wiper... =p

I dont use insurance agent for now.. Common... Im working in an insurance company. Hahah! So, I buy my insurance directly at HQ. Thats why I need to settle my road tax by myself.

Btw, do you know that if u buy insurance online, you will get discount? ( LOL!