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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Me and my walkie-talkie

I had a few days of nightmare in Genting last week... Don't get me wrong, I didnt encounter any ghost or whatsoever... *touch wood!!!* Well, I was very busy in helping out in my company's convention. I got to check this, check that, confirm this, confirm that... and also to arrange this and that... LOL! So, most of the time, I was running around with my walkie talkie...

You might look cool when holding this walkie (Looks like some tai-lo or tai-kah-jie at work. hehe!). In fact, I find it very heavy and bulky. It is not convenient to bring it everywhere and those people around you will be able to listen to your conversation. This is not so great... However, it saves our phone bill... $$$$$ Kekeke!!! =)

The smallest walkie talkie (on the right) which labelled with "Jac" was mine!! =p
"Jac calling Izz, rodger"



Sue Lin said...

Eh damn cool! I see ur name on the walkie talkie! =)

Jacqueline said...

Hehehe! Yea, very cool right? =p