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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Me and the 'KTM station'

My colleague just got her new Honda City this week... Guess what? Me and a few of my colleagues actually bought her car plate number... We bought from all 'KTM stations'... Kuda (Damacai), Toto & Magnum... LOL!

It was a raining afternoon. However, it didn't stop us from driving to the 'stations' and get the 'winning tickets'... =p Instead of accompanying my colleague, TL to buy those numbers, he asked me to get the ticket from the counter!! Okay... This is pretty new to me... kekeke!!! All I did was queue-up, give number to the counter, pay money and get the ticket.

Now, the results are OUT!!!!!!!! 9109... 9109... 9109.... =( We didn't get to win the number. Fine~~~ When I get my new car next time, I will buy again... Probably 3 years later or so.


p/s: I am sharing my personal experience only, not teaching anyone to gamble.


Sue Lin said...

Hahaha, is her number that great?

My uncle's car number actually came out, but he didnt buy! And another number of his also came out but he didnt buy

Jacqueline said...

LOL! We bought it for fun only... Anyway, I contributed only RM3 altogether.... =p