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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Luncheon @ Sushi Zanmai

Last week I went to Sushi Zanmai, Sunway Pyramid with Aa for lunch... That wasnt my first time trying Zanmai. However, this time I tried something new here... =p Check out this 'soft shell crab sushi'... Very yummy!! Its nice to eat with wasabi and soy sauce.... *slurp*

'Soft shell crab sushi' @ RM6.00

Now, check out this 'Chicken Gyoza'. They are something like Chinese 'wantan' or 'gaozhi'... The sause given should be soy sauce (could be different type of soy sauce). I found it very salty. So, I prefer to eat those Gyoza without the sauce... YUM!!

'Chicken Gyoza' @ RM9.80

Not to forget other dish... The 'Chicken Katsu' came together with a bowl of Soba actually. After we finished the chicken, 2 of the waiters kept trying to take away my plate... Isshhh... I love the veggie, ok? I havent finish them, let me eat...

Besides that, the 'prawn sushi' on the black plate were good too! There were 6 pieces of sushi actually... We had eaten 2 before snapping the pic. =p

'Chicken Katsu with Soba' @ RM8.80 & 'Prawn sushi' @ RM4.80

In the end, our bill came to... RM36.10 *(^_^)*

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