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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Facebook Games

Recently, I got addicted to the FB games! All thanks to my colleague - M... She told me that this Restaurant City is great!! We can hire our friends to be the waitress/ waiter, chef and even cleaner! So, I am actually busy managing my restaurant. LOL! I gotta ensure that my employees and customers are happy. besides, I need to buy ingredients to upgrade my recipes. I also need to arrange my tables and chairs, other facilities, etc... Its actually quite interesting. However, the website is always down. =(

Whenever its down, I will go to another FB game, which is Happy Farm... I get to plant my veggie and flowers... If there's any pest or weeds, I gotta kill them!!! LOLz!! I will also get points if I help out my friends in killing the pest or weeds in their farm. However, the best part of this game is we get to steal crops from friend's farm!! Not bad right?

See! I have a guard dog to take care of my farm... But he is hungry now... I do not have enough money to buy him dog food and increase his energy level... *sad*

Anyway, the games keep me entertained when I'm bored at home...



Sue Lin said...

I love restaurant city! I can just watch that thing! But i dont play on my own account, usually use bf's or mom's account to play! ahahah

Its one way to prevent myself from spending too much time on those games!

Sue Lin said...

And i just noticed, in ur archives, 2008 doesnt exist at all! AHAHAHAHA

Jacqueline said...

Yea... Restaurant City can really make someone get addicted to it... I like this game but its not stable. If I'm lucky, I will be able to login to the game... Or else, there will be an error page =(

Hahaha!!! yea, I didn't blog for the whole 2008!!