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Saturday, January 07, 2006

A note for Monash people…

For all the Monash Students who drive to uni please take note… Now, Monash already changed their parking system. Last time, we need to hunt for coins to slots into the machine… And that machine always breaks down from time to time… Beside, if you are so unlucky to have a fella in front of you slotting in 20 10 cents coins 1 by 1 into the machine, you will need to queue damn long!!

Now, all these problems had been solved! They had changed it to Auto-pay system, like the 1 in Elephant Walk… You are required to press for a ticket when you enter. Then, kindly pay the ticket at the auto-pay machine before you exit… That’s all…. No more hassle of hunting for 50 cents coins!!! Haha! But please don’t lose the ticket!!!

Besides, the Library book renewal system had changed too! Last time we can renew our books online for unlimited times right? Now, you only can renew it online for a maximum of 2 times... So sad... =( So, remember to return the books!!! Haha!

Cheers ^^

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