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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Dangerous Motorists

This afternoon I drove to college to attend a tutorial class. Along the road, I saw a Malay Lady riding her motorcycle with one hand while the other hand was carrying a small baby. If not mistaken, the baby was less than 1 year old. Besides, she didn’t wear any helmet! Does she know that it’s very dangerous to ride a motorcycle like that?

On the way I drove home after my tute, there’s another car wanted to create accident… I was so pissed off! This old-looking white car with the plat number BCK 6338 was beside my car. Then, he suddenly cut in front of me without any signal and I had to use emergency break! Stupid fella doesn’t how to drive properly… I jammed my honk for a few seconds and flashed him a few times… I was really angry with him! I hate this type of motorist!!

Malaysian drivers, can u please drive safely?

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