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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Happie CNY!!

Hey! Frens... Happie CNY!! Gong Xi Gong Xi... Gong Xi Fa Cai... Lol!! Anyone is qualified to giv angpows? Hehehe!! *(>_<)*

Today, I'm supposed to help my mum in her boutique... But due to certain circumstances, I need not to work… Hehehe! That’s why I’m staying at home and accompany my grandma. I can watch TV, study for exam, makan and rest… =p

But guess what?? My grandma forgotten to off the gas after cooking!! She leaved the stove on in the kitchen and went outside for the praying stuff… Luckily, I was so happen to enter the kitchen to throw away my left over roti canai… Then I smelt the weird smell and quickly off the stove before it explode!!! Ohh… By the time I off the stove, the pot was already like this…

Scary right?? So, please be careful and take care of ur kitchen...

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