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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

White Summer BBQ Party @ Izz's mansion

About 3 weeks ago, I attended my ex-colleague/friend, Izz's 'White Summer BBQ Party'... According to my limited sense of directions, it is highly unlikely for me to reach her house without getting lost (To be honest, her house is quite ulu/ far). Hahaha! Therefore, I decided to meet my colleagues at KLCC and followed them to the party.

I took monorail from Berjaya Times Square to Bukit Nanas station. The station was quite pack with people. However, most of them were waiting at the opposite platform.

The packed station... and...

... the empty station =p

When I came down from Bukit Nanas station, I was like... Where's the Putra LRT inter-change? I asked the counter officer and she told me to follow the sign in front. There was a huge crowd of people walking towards that direction. So, I followed. OMG!! It was a 10 minutes walk to the Dang Wangi Putra LRT station!!! No one tells me its so far!!! (My brother said 'Very near! Opposite only...' Yea, right!!) I was conned! LOL! I saw people just ran across the road to get to the opposite station. However, I am an obedient citizen... I followed the law... =p So, I made use of the pedestrian bridge. *More energy was consumed*

Finally, I reached Dang Wangi station and bought a ticket to KLCC.. Phew!! I reached KLCC!! I was longing for the air-con... It was so hot and humid outside. I love the air-con... When my colleague, M came to fetch me and other 2 colleagues, I told them that I was dying for the air-con. So, I got my front seat. Kekekekeke!!! It took us 10-15minutes to reach Izz's house. OMG! Izz's house was situated on a very steep hill. It took M quite some time to park her car... She was driving up and down the steep hill... And finally, she gave up. Instead of parking outside the house, she parked at the kaki bukit. LOL!

Before everyone else arrived, I helped out in the drinks preparation!! 

*Thanks Alice for the picture!!*

See!!! I was happily mixing the juice with C!! Emm... Due to lack of experiences, the juice came out to be no taste... LOL! There were tooooo much water! Then, we tried to do some magic by adding in ice-cream soda... In the end, the taste came out to be quite funny. LOL!! No matter what, everyone had to drink it because thats the only one drinks available. kekekkekeke!

Well, my other colleague has a full report and more pictures of the BBQ party. Check out her blog at Alice

After all the makan-makan and chit-chatting, all of us were tired. Lastly, we took a picture before heading home.

Here's a picture of the happy girls... XD

SL dropped me home with the help of his GPS giving directions... Left, right, straight, turn... It was a very cool gadget!!


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