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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

KL Flash Mob @ Berjaya Times Square - 070210 (Added video)

Event: KL Flash Mob
Location: Berjaya Times Square
Time: 4.35pm
Theme: Valentines Day
Organiser: CausePlay

I found out about this event on last Sunday itself. There was a large group of people assembling suddenly in Times Square (Level LG), freezed for about 5 minutes, before quickly dispersing.

At first, I was not sure they are going to perform this act at where exactly at Level LG. However, when I reached this floor, I saw a large group of young people in pink/ red shirts. Some of them were even discussing and rehearsed their posses!! This is real Malaysian version of flash mob. Hahahah!
A group of them were openly discussing about what to do...

I saw one of the groups even count down for the time!! Arent they supposed to act in a sudden and surprise the people around? LOL!
At 4.35pm, all the participants freezed!! I took this opportunity to snap pictures... *Snap snap snap* All of them were funny!!
Next batch of super stars...?!?!? LOL! 
(Sorry for the blur picture)
This guy was so lost!!! He did a great job!

This guy was proposing his gf with a bear? Cheap-skate... kekekek!
I love this couple... They are so sweet! Do you think the guy is a pretty boy? LOL!

If there's a chance, I wanna participate in the next flash mob... LOL!!


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