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Friday, February 26, 2010

CNY reunion with 6M members

It has been more than 10 years since I left my primary school. Some of us went to the same secondary school/ keep in touch with each other through MSN or email; while the rest have been lost contact ever since we bid good-bye on our graduation day... :'(

Thank god! Nowadays, we have internet technology, which helps us to connect with the rest of the world within a few clicks! Recently, SZ and I used Facebook as a tool to reunite our long lost classmates for a CNY dinner. Even though there were less than 50% of the class who turned up to the gathering, I think it was a good start... And I felt very happy to see them again. =)

At about 6.30pm, I reached the steamboat restaurant. After I parked my car, I got a call from both SZ and SY. Both of them were not there yet. As usual, Malaysian timing... LOL! While waiting for them, I stayed in my car and read my novel "Beware of Doug" by Elaine Fox. I only got down from the car when SY arrived, and we walked towards Sim Mei Steamboat Restaurant together.

I was so glad to see that about 5 of them were already there. At least not everyone follows Malaysian timing. XD We got ourselves a round table and had some casual chats while waiting for the key organiser, SZ. When she arrived, she ordered our food... 'Steamboat untuk 7 orang'... Since we didn't know who else will be turning up that night, we ordered only 7 people's share for the safe side. Guess what... We ended up with 12 people eating 7 people's share!!! LOLz! The boss must be thinking why this group of people so kiamsiap (stingy)...

While waiting for the soup to be boiled, we also catch up with each other for the latest updates... I found out that most of us have different professions. There are lecturer (SZ), tutor + Master student (HY), PhD candidate (HH), psychology student (CY), engineers (VC & HS), nurse (SY), banker (JR), etc... Besides, we got the updates about marital status too!!! LOLz!! Congrats HH on her marriage! =)

After dinner, we took a pretty group photo. Cheeseeeeeee!!!! (Yea... You can see the messy table. That was how we enjoyed our get-together dinner)

Since we didnt order enough food, we proceeded to our second round in Station 1 Cafe. This cafe was only a few steps away from our steamboat restaurant. So, it was pretty convenient. My friends were happily ordering their buckets of beer... Me? Nope... I will never drink and drive. So, I asked for my favourite Hot Chocolate... =p


Check out the box on the table. It was VC's 25th birthday!! So, we celebrated his birthday too! We sang him a lovely birthday song. Sweet SZ even bought him half a dozen of Secret Recipe's cupcakes!! Due to time constraint, she got him these cute CNY cupcakes. It was kind of... wrong theme... LOLz!!

VC is the only person in school who studied in the same class as me since Standard 1!!! We started from 1O>>1M>>2H>>3M>>4M>>5M>>6M.... LOLz!!! What a coincident... =) Both of us miss those days back in Standard 2. We were the pet students of our class teacher, Miss Hou... kekekekeke! We were still keeping the stamp album given by her!

After all the drinking, chatting and photo sessions, we went to KT's mansion. Yea... Mansion! Her house is huge! It looks like a holiday resort with a spacious garden area, which is able to fit at least 20 cars. All of us were amazed with her bangalow before entered into her living hall. We played cards and I lost badly in the games... sob... sob...

Anyway, that was a great gathering. I hope to see all my friends again!



Augustine said...

LOL, dun put short form for name leh.. hard to guess.. haha...

Jacqueline said...

Hahahah!!! Thats my style of writing... I usually put names in short form... XD

Which 1 you got confused? LOL!

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