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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Congratulations on June & Alfred's Wedding!

This evening, I attended my neighbour, June's wedding at Federal Hotel. This is the second time I had dinner here. I remember the first time I came here was during the 'Malam Anugerah Cemerlang Pusat Tuisyen Martin' (An award presentation ceremony by my tuition centre). Mr Martin, the principle of the tuition school was very generous. He treated his students who scored well in UPSR/ PMR/ SPM every year. So, we were motivated to study harder in order to be invited to the ceremony. =p I wonder if he still treats his students now... Or probably they get to go to a better class hotel now... hehehe!

Anyway, the food for today's event was much better than the last time. Hahaha! There were prawns, fried fish, chicken, mushroom with brocolli, and etc.. Out of all the dishes, I love the fried rice with anchovies the most! Its kind of weird... I will usually skip the fried rice in every dinner I attend. However, for this round, the fried rice was GOOD!! I was so tempted to get myself the second bowl. But I think I was too full to eat another one... Hehehe!

Besides the food, we were entertained by a live band. This group of singers consists of 2 guys and a girl. They sang lots of English oldies, and even a few Mandarin and a Cantonese song. I love their singings in the beginning. They are good singers. However, I got bored towards the end of the event as I was hoping for some Black Eye Peas or Lady Gaga's songs... hhahhaah! I gotta feeling... Tonight's gonna be a good night...

When dessert (the last dish) was served, it was already 11pm... I was so sleepy and tired. And guess what? I was so clumsy! I spilled my bowl of dessert! =( It was... an accident... All the guests at my table were focusing on me, the clumsy me... I felt so embarrassed. *sniff sniff*

Lastly, I brought home the complimentary chocolates for my brothers...



chris_lim said...

heya, dropping by. Nice blog u hv here.

Jacqueline said...

Thanks, Chris!